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Complete control over the entire journey.

Improve operations, better equip flight attendants, and empower passengers all through one scalable platform.


Complete control over the entire journey

Everything you need for retail and passenger success


Inventory Inventory

Create cart plans and sync your inventory across all channels, stock your flights more efficiently, and prevent stock outages.

Catalogue Catalogue

Add your products and services with images and descriptions to make onboard selling easier for your crew.

Campaigns Campaigns

Run personalized, targeted marketing promotions and manage crew sales performance.

Personalization Personalization

Create a better experience for passengers by personalizing their service with the guidance of machine learning.


Point of Sale Point of Sale

The sleek interface makes servicing the plane faster and easier. Take orders and track inventory through your preferred iOS or Android device and hardware integration.

Payments Payments

Accept multiple forms of payment in any state of connectivity. PCI compliant software stores and processes payments – or refunds – resulting in zero headaches.

Promotions Promotions

Get alerts for promotions in real time. No need for flight attendants memorize specific deals – the application will tell them.

Hardware Integrations Hardware Integrations

Connect with your preferred payment hardware or choose from our list of recommended devices.


Self-Serve Self-Serve

Allow passengers to order on their own terms. Passengers can order items before or during flights, accessing the airline commerce platform from their own device and IFE systems and apps.

Order Tracking Order Tracking

Give both passengers and flight attendants better insight into the status of an order. Passengers can track when their order will be delivered, removing the uncertainty of when they’ll be serviced next.

Frictionless Payment Frictionless Payment

Stored payment information makes it easier for passengers to pay for their orders in advance or onboard with payment on delivery. They can choose their preferred payment option like credit or their mileage or loyalty points budgets.

Loyalty & Satisfaction Loyalty & Satisfaction

Encourage repeat travel through tailored, passenger-specific offers and rewards while tracking their satisfaction after every flight.


Insights Insights

Dig into what really matters for your business. Receive actionable insights right on your dashboard or create custom reports on industry metrics, travel journey touchpoints, self-service and mobile business intelligence, product affinity, and more.

Snapshots Snapshots

See the most important data quickly from your Management Console dashboard. Quickly assess sales insights and customer satisfaction by specific timelines or routes.

Performance Performance

See how your campaigns are performing and how onboard sales are tracking. Identify high and low performers for products, services, and customer satisfaction

Forecasting Forecasting

Compare your actual sales to expected to better forecast your future flights, minimizing stock-outs or excess inventory.


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Boost ancillary revenue while enabling your passengers to purchase what they want, when they want, how they want.



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