We believe the journey is just as important as the destination. And journeys can be full of wonderful twists and turns, driven by passion, purpose and the search for something more. More discoveries, more experiences and more connections.

At Guestlogix, our journey over the last 10 years has taken us through many successes and also challenges, but through it all, our passion for helping people discover the world around them in the best possible way has never wavered.

From transforming the way travelers purchased onboard, to now connecting the entire travel ecosystem with a single platform that enhances travel inflight, through destination and back home - we remain committed to building innovative solutions that inspire and deliver better journeys.

Our head office is in Toronto (Canada) with skilled teams in:

  • US: Dallas
  • UK: London


90 Payment Certifications

90 Payment

30+ Airline Customers

30+ Airline

2m+ Passengers a Day

2m+ Passengers
a Day